Sunday, November 8, 2009


while we try and keep this blog a happy positive place i have a rant to share with you today!

last night my parents, my brother and i ate at Fellini's.  with all of us being new the the area we rely on the suggestions of friends and co-workers for places to eat!  we arrived and were told there was a 25 minute wait.  there was no waiting area except by the front door and it was quite chilly out side.  so we attempted to move to the bar.  i started as my mother went to get my brother and father.  as i made my way to the bar i was GRABBED by the hostess.  she litterly put her hands on me and yanked me backwards.  She told me there was no room for me at the bar.  Ok, i can accept that, EXCEPT just after that i watched 3 groups of middle aged people walk to the bar with out being stopped!!!!  During my 30 min wait for a table, i only once saw the hostess stop another person and that was a twenty-something couple, possible college students.

I approached the hostes and ask to have a word with her where i shared my observations.  She became hostile and continued to touch me.  Told me she did not have time to police the bar, but that was what she was doing to keep anyone not middle aged away.

I would have left but my parents insisted we stay.  I will NEVER go back.  if you live in the norfolk-virginia beach area DO NOT GO to this restaurant.

Oh and one other thing: THEY ALLOW SMOKING!!!!!  so not only was i treaty rudely but i was exposed unwillingly to a carcinogenic.  

rant over, enjoy your sunday!!!

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  1. The place is dirty (just look at the walls , ceiling and tables) and the food is over priced.